SATCOM satellite TV on The Costa Blanca


“SATCOM”The longest existing satellite company on the Costa Blanca in Spain with the best prices, excellen service, fast installation and repair while you wait. Satcom has been a household name on the Costa Blanca fore more than 25 years  among both, Dutch and Belgians.

We are also the only official Excellent dealer of Canal Digitaal in Spain and Portugal. We supply both, complete installations and only the recievers and materials.



Solar Energy

Quality Service

Especially abroad, many people use a dish to watch TV from their own country. This is usualy the only way to do it, but also the best if you look at image quality and channel selection. You van get many free channels incluiding german, french, spanish, inglish etc… And in addition, there are various  channel packages that you can choose from.

We instal form Valencia to Murcia, and we always try to do it in between 24/48 hours

All recievers supplied by us are provided with the warranty and service if something is wrong with your installation.
Renember that if you buy the items in England or other countries, you also need to go back to that store for the warranty, so Satcom can be a really good option for you in Spain. 

Buy your items at Satcom and you will be greatly advised and with the cheapest prices.

Feel free to drop by, then explain everything while enjoying a cup of coffee.